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Swimming is not a team sport so there are no players. If you mean how many athletes can swim together at a usual swimming lap, the answer is 8. If you mean how many players each team has in Water Polo, there are six players and the goalkeeper.

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Q: How players are there in swimming?
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How many players in swimming?

swimming doesn't have a specific number of players, but a relay team normally has 4, and in a race there is usuall 6 or 8 basically, the number of players is how many you can fit in the pool

Where can someone go to purchase a swimming MP3 player?

There are many places one can either go or connect to and purchase a swimming MP3 player. There is an online store named swim outlet that solely focuses on waterproof MP3 players. Swimming MP3 players can also be found at electronic stores with the best example being BestBuy.

Is swimming easy or not?

... Depends. Are you talking about rec swimming or competitive swimming? Rec swiimming can be easy or hard depending on your swimming ablties. Competitiveis hard. Very hard, you have to have peresenvance and ALOT of endurance. Even football players that swim will tell you swimmingis 100x harderbut i's worth is

How many players are in swimming competitions?

there aren't any players in a race unless it is a relay, in a relay there are 4 people. in a race there can be anywhere from 6-10 people racing it just depends on how many lanes there are.

How far underwater can the swimming mp3 player go?

There are different types and brands of waterproof mp3 players. The Speedo player and GSI players both go up to three meters (or about 9 feet).

What kind of underwear do rugby players wear during the match?

most wear a swimming costume like speedos etc

How many players are used to play in team relay races in swimming?

at competitive galas, usually 4. occasionally 8. :)

Are most water polo players tall?

It does give players an advantage such faster swimming speeds, more reach and big hands. However, not all water polo players are tall. I know a someone who was 3rd team all-american and she is barely over 5'6".

What is another name for a rugby players jockstrap?

Supporter or suspensor . Most players now wear swimming trunks due to the fact that they offer greater coverage if shorts are torn or pulled down

What age should your son get a jockstrap?

At least puberty. Most rugby players do not use these the use swimming trunks under shorts

What do professional Rugby players wear under their shorts?

In general - Swimming trunks - Its almost impossible to where "protection" as the discomfort is incredibile -

What is the present progressive tense of swim?

I am swimming. You/we/they are swimming. He/she/it is swimming.

Who is fitter football players or swimmers?

Swimmer may tend to be fitter than football players. Although swimmers consume twice the daily amount of calories a day (2000), they burn it all while swimming after they are down at the end of their day. Football players tend to be heavier just to be able to play defense. Of course they have their training camps, but that is about it.

What do water polo players wear?

Water polo players wear: * swimming trunks, though these are special rubberised trunks to prevent tearing and make it more difficult to hold onto * cap with ear defenders * mouth guard (optional) * box or cup (optional)

What are the classification of sports according to player composition?

One way to classify sports according to player composition is to use how many players are on the team. For example, a pairs tennis team has two players, a swimming tean would have more, and a baseball or football team would have even more.

Things that come in sevens?

Days in a week Natural Wonders of the World Players on a frisbee team Snow White's Dwarfs Swans a-swimming in the 12 Days of Christmas

When you were undergone training free style swimming coach said do not bend knee But you see at Olympics free style players bend their knees while swimming What is the correct way?

it depends on what stroke you are swimming. if you are swimming breaststroke then you do bend your knee in freestyle and backstroke you don't bend your knee. in butterfly you only snap your whole leg your knee doesn't bend all the way. if you don't kick the right way in breaststroke then you can hurt your self becareful and ask a coach. good luck

Which olympic sport has a finish line that is never crossed?


Are water polo players aloud to touch the ground?

No. They can not touch the bottom of the pool. They are swimming or treading water the whole game. I heard the water polo team talk about this last week.

Where did he do swimming?

He went swimming in a swimming :)

What is octopush?

Octopush is also known as 'under water hockey'. Played on the bottom of a swimming pool, players from each of the two teams (black and white) have to work together to get the puck into the other teams goal.

Is Synchronised Swimming like normal swimming?

no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

Floating in swimming?

Floating is not swimming,yet it is a step to swimming.

What is a non contact sport?

A non-contact sport is a sport where the players do not come into contact with one another at all. They are separated. Non-contact sports include swimming, bowling, volleyball, skiing, tennis, etc.

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