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For one, not too many people know that caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, mate, etc. is a natural insectiside the plants produce. Insects become paralized when they consume the caffeine which is in those plants.

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Q: How plants have chemical defenses and physical defenses?
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Are chemicals from plants physical or chemical weathering?

Is chemicals from plants chemical weathering or physical weathering

What are two examples of chemical plant defenses?

Sap containing Urushiol, which causes itching and a rash. example poison ivy and plants producing either cardiac or steroidal glycosides. example foxglove

What chemical supports the physical structure of terrestrial plants?

Lignin, a spiral shaped chemical, supports the structure of plants.

What are some physical defenses of plants against animals?

Cacti have their spines that keep animals from resting and eating their fruit

Does photosynthesis involve a physical or chemical change?

Photosynthesis involves a chemical change.

Plants using CO2 and H2O to form O2 and sugar is a physical or chemical?

It is a chemical changechemical change

What defenses do plants have?

many minds

Is plants using carbon dioxide and water to form oxygen and sugar a chemical or physical change?

Physical changes

What are ants defenses?

It will sting its enemy or use a chemical

Is growing plants physical change?

no physical change is ptting ice cream and milk and mixing it for a milkshake or burning a piece of paper.

Plants changing carbon dioxide and water into sugar and oxygen a physical or chemical change?

Yes it is chemical because the sun is producing food by causing chemicals and substances

What are three typed of chemical weathering?

Chemical(acid in rainwater dissolving limestone), biological (work of animals and plants) and physical (freeze thaw)