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Q: How old was wG grace when he played his last test match?
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Against which country the legendry Brian Lara played his first and last cricket test match?

brian Lara played his first and last test match against India

Where did sachin tendulkar retire?

Sachin Tendulkar played his last match at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on 13th November, 2013. It was his 200th Test match and the last one.

When did Sri lanka played their first test match?

Sri Lanka played their first test match in 1982.

What is the time period for a cricket test match?

A cricket test match is played for 5 days.

How many run did the sir don bradman in his last match?

He scored '0' in his last test match.

When and where First international test match was played between?

first test match was played between Australia and England at Melbourne in 1877

When did India played its 100 test match?

India is no match for Fiji!!

When was the first cricket test match played?

1876 as Charles bannerman played the first match

Where did Pakistan played its first cricket test match?

Pakistan's first Test match was played in Delhi in October 1952 as a part of five test match series which India won 2-1.

When was the first test match international cricket match?

The first test was played between England and Australia.

Pakistan played first cricket test match against which country?

Pakistan played it's first test match against India in 1952.

Where do Australia play their Christmas test match?

Actually, it's a Boxing Day test match, played on 26 December, the day after Christmas. The Boxing Day test match is played at the MCG, or Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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