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In real life Undertakers mother is still living.

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Q: How old was undertaker when his mom died?
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How did undertaker and Kane mom and dad died?

in a fire

How old is mom of Kane and the undertaker?

Kane and underrtaker are not really brothers

Did undertaker kill his mom and dad?

no i thank undertaker did not kil his mom and dad

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How old was Jason voorhees when his mom died?

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Who is undertakers mom and dad?

Mommy Undertaker and Daddy Undertaker.

Is WWE undertaker sick?

nope but his old manager died yesterday.

Who is undertaker's mom?

Janet callaway

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Is Kane and Undertaker's mom dead?

Kane and undertaker are not related in real life

How old were Undertaker and Kane when they died?

They're not dead, they just pretend they are from the dead.

How old is the undertaker for WWE?

The Undertaker is 44 years old.

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How old is wwes undertaker?

The Undertaker is currently 45 years old.

How old was the undertaker in 1990?

The Undertaker was 26 years old in 1990

Did undertaker and Kane kill there mom?

no the Undertaker and Kane are not even real bros its just for WWE

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