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Cincinnati Reds pitcher Joe Nuxhall, who made his debut at the age of 15 in 1944, was the youngest ever.

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Q: How old was the youngest player to pitch in the major league?
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Who was the first major league player to a pitch a ball over 100 mph?

Nolan Ryan

What is the chance of a major league baseball player getting hit by a pitch in the season?

50 50 % chance

Who was the youngest person to throw the ceremonial first pitch in a major league baseball game?

Christian Haupt was the youngest person to throw the ceremonial first pitch at an MLB game. He was just three years old when he threw the first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers game on 9/4/2012.

Who is the only major league baseball player to die from a hit by pitch?

Ray Chapman of the Cleveland Indians in 1920.

Who was the smallest major league pitcher?

If you mean the youngest pitcher, it should be Joe Nuxall for Cincinnati Reds, he first pitch in major on June 10th, 1944, at age 15 years, 314 days. He didn't pitch again in the majors until 1952

How do you translate pitching speed from little league to major league?

In general, add aboout 20 mph because you are calculating the different pitching lengths. Little league pitchers throw from 45 feet, major leaguers throw from 60.5 feet. For example, a little league pitcher throwing a 70 mph pitch is equivalent to a major league player throwing about a 90 mph pitch.

Who was the first baseball player killed by a pitch?

On Aug. 16, 1920, Cleveland Indians shortstop Ray Chapman - the only Major League player to be killed by a pitch - was struck in the temple by Yankee pitcher Carl Mays.

Who was the first major league baseball player to pitch a ball over 100mph?

Nolan Ryan has been noted as the first player to pitch over 100mph, but the real answer is unknown, because the earlier pitchers didn't have radar guns.

What type of pitch did major league outlaw in the 1920 season?


What is the slowest possible speed of a major league pitch?

46- knuckle

What speed was the fastest pitch in Major League Baseball?

56 mph

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