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Q: How old was the youngest figure skater when he or she passed the Senior Moves in the Field test and when was it?
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Who is the youngest professional jam skater in the world?

the answer is brandon pena or and he was recently on figure it out a gameshow on Nickelodeon were the panel of stars were trying to figure out his talent

How did Michelle kwan had to improve in order to be a senior skater?

How did Michelle Kwan have to improve in order to be a senior skater

What you need to be a figure skater?

to be an figure skater you have to have determination and confidence.

Who is michele kwan?

A famous figure skater

Is Michelle trachtenberg a figure skater?

No, No, No. Coming from a real figure skater

who is the figure skater in the skater's waltz video?


Who iswas the shortest senior-level figure skater who competes internationally?

is or was? Currently I would go with Xu Binshu

When was James Black - figure skater - born?

James Black - figure skater - was born in 1980.

Where was the figure skater Waniel weiss born?

There is no recorded figure skater named Waniel Weiss.

When was David McGillivray - figure skater - born?

David McGillivray - figure skater - was born in 1949.

When was Zhang He - figure skater - born?

Zhang He - figure skater - was born on 1996-11-05.

When was Igor Marchenko - figure skater - born?

Igor Marchenko - figure skater - was born in 1977.