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Q: How old was the undertaker when he started wrestling?
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When did the undertaker start wrestling?

The Undertaker started wrestling in the 1990s

How old was the undertaker when he first started wrestling in the WWE?


When did undertaker first start wrestling?

The Undertaker started wrestling on November 19, 1990. Mark Calaway, however, started wrestling in 1984 under the ring name Texas Red.

How many years has undertaker been wrestling for?

Mark Calaway started wrestling in 1984

Is undertaker banished from wrestling?

Undertaker was not banished from wrestling

How undertaker got interested in wrestling?

He was originally going to pursue a basketball career, but a friend of his convinced him to enroll in a wrestling school with him, and that's where it started.

Is the undertaker coming back to wrestling?

he is in wrestling

How old was batista when he started wrestling?

batista was 32 when he sarted wrestling

Why the undertaker is not wrestling any more?

The undertaker is wrestling but he just has a reduced schedule instead of a full time one.

How did mark callaway get the name undertaker?

he named himself the undertaker in wrestling but if he's not in wrestling his name is Mark Callaway

How old was Hulk Hogan when he started wrestling?

He was in his 20s when he started.

Did the undertaker died in WWE wrestling 2012?

NO, the Undertaker did not die.

God of wrestling?

its undertaker

Did the undertaker quit wrestling?


How old was John Cena when he started wrestling professionally?

John Cena started his professional wrestling career in 2000 (Ultimate Pro Wrestling) at the age of 32.

When will the undertaker return to wrestling?

The Undertaker is schelduled to come back at Summerslam

Who is the undertaker away from wrestling?

Mark Callaway is the Undertaker's real name.

Who is Kane to undertaker?

In the wrestling world, Kane is Undertaker's half brother.

Is the undertaker still wrestling?

Is the undertaker still wresling and is he marriged to mccool

Who is stronger Michael Myers or undertaker?

If it is The Undertaker as in wrestling, Michael Myers is stronger. If it is The Undertaker as in Black Butler, then The Undertaker is stronger.

How old was Rey Mysterio when he started wrestling?

He began wrestling in Mexico at the age of 14.

Who is The Grand Master in wrestling?


How old was john cena he started wrestling?


How old Randy Orton when he started wrestling?

he was 23

Who was in the the first wrestling match?

the first wrestling match was Undertaker vs. some other guy that doesn't wrestle anymore.... undertaker is my personal favorite