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Q: How old was nyjah huston when he became pro?
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When did Nyjah huston turn pro?

when he was 11yrs old.

How old was nyjah Houston when he became a pro skateboarder?


Youngest pro skateboarder?

The best youngest skateboarder is Nyjah Huston or Micky Papa ( consult YouTube for videos. )

What Pro skater has dreadlocks?

Nyjah Huston, watch some of his footage, he is amazing at grinds and hes only bout 15-16.

How old was Nyjah Houston when he went pro?

he went pro at 11 years old. and is 14 now

Who is the youngest skateboarder to go professional?

maybe nyjah Houston but l have a friend who is only ten and already been in transworld and won the Tampa am well right now Nyjah Huston is not a pro, he was only sponsored for being a amateur skateboarder. Now the youngest skateboarder to be signed as pro is Ryan Sheckler at the age of 13. I believe Rodney Mullen was pro since the age of 12. well actually nyjah is pro now -DJ STAN71-

Is Nyjah Houston the youngest pro skater?

no hes not. ther are two twins that are younger than nyjah Houston that hav become pro makin them the youngest proskaters

How old was the youngest pro bmxer?

Mat Hoffman became a pro at 16 years old. That makes him the youngest.

How many known black pro skaters?

Kareem campbell nyjah huston theotis beasly Gailea Momolou Terry Kennedy Stevie Williams Keenan Dadd Lupe fiasco Darrell Stanton Jeron Wilson Daniel castillo Darren Harper Pharrell

How old was Ryan Sheckler when he became a pro skater?

13 yrs old

How old was bam when he became pro skateboarder?

he was 17 sponsored at 14

When did Nyjah Hustin become pro?

I'm not 100% sure but I think it took place after the SlS competition in 2014

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