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Lionel Messi was 13 years when he joint barcelona. but was 17 years when he played his first game.

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Q: How old was messi when he got drafted to soccer?
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At what age messi started playing soccer?

3 years old

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Who is the best soccer player in the world in 2010?

The best soccer player in the world in 2010 was Lionel Messi, nuber 10. Even tho he didn't score this year, he is still ranked best in the world. Messi plays for Argentina and is 32 years old.

When did messi join soccer?

Messi came to Barcelona when he was 12 years old or 13. Barcelona saw his talent in Argentina , but as he had hormone problems Barcelona spent the money on his treatment, and they are reaping the harvest. Messi has made it clear he will be a Barcelona player for life.

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His gf name is Antonella roccuzzo27 years old right now since he was born in 1987.

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