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He was 20 years old when he first gained the number 1 spot in 2001

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Q: How old was lleyton hewitt when he was the number one tennis player?
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Who is Lleyton Hewitt?

Lleyton Hewitt is a famous tennis player.

Is bob hewitt the tennis player father of lleyton hewitt?

No. Lleyton Hewitt's father is Glynn Hewitt.

Who is the worst tennis player?

It is: Lleyton Hewitt

What is the Nationality of the tennis player lleyton hewitt?


How old was the number 1 youngest male tennis player?

20 (Lleyton Hewitt)

Who is the male Australian tennis player that is married to an actress?

Lleyton Hewitt

Who is the youngest tennis player men to be ranked 1 in the world?

Lleyton Hewitt

Is Bob Hewitt the tennis player father of Lleyton?

No, Lleyton's father is named Glynn, a former Australian Rules Football player.

What school did Lleyton Hewitt go to?

Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt went to Immanuel College. He decided to go there because he had a scholarship for tennis.

What nationality is the tennis player Lleyton Hewitt?

Lleyton Hewitt is Australian. He was born February 24, 1981 in Adelaide, South Australia and his current residence is Nassau, Bahamas.

What is Lleyton Hewitt famous for?

Lleyton Hewitt, an Australian tennis player, is famous for ranking World No. 1 at age 20, making him the youngest male tennis player to ever rank World No. 1. He has competed in various tournaments as well.

How good a tennis player is Lleyton Hewitt?

Well considering he used to be number 1 in the world, I would say quite good.

Who is the top ranked Australian male tennis player?

Lleyton Hewitt (currently 34th in the world).

Who is the youngest male to reach tennis world number 1?

Lleyton Hewitt is the youngest male to reach tennis world number one.

Who is the youngest male tennis player ranked no 1 in the world?

Lleyton Hewitt (19th November 2001)

Australian tennis star famous for their aggressive cry - come on?

lleyton hewitt

Where did Lleyton Hewitt attend high school?

Lleyton Hewitt is a former World No 1 tennis player. He has won US open (2001) and Wimbledon (2002). He was born in Adelaide, Australia and attended high school in Adelaide as well.

Why did Lleyton Hewitt start playing tennis?

Hewitt played football until the age of 13 when he decided to play tennis. The reason he made that decision is unknown.

Why is Lleyton Hewitt famous?

Lleyton was World No 1 tennis player for about 18+ months. He was also in a relationship with top female tennis player, Kim Clijsters, for a time and later married an Australian TV star. That should put him in a few well-known magazines!!LOL

Who is Australia's number 1 tennis player?

Stosur and Hewitt

What is leighton hewitt's tennis ranking?

lleyton hewitt is ranked 22 in the world and is ranked 1 in Australia. He is also the 22nd seed in the Australian open for 2010.

Who were tennis player Bob Hewitt's children?

Llewellyn Hewitt

Has Lleyton Hewitt ever had a gold medal?

No. Lleyton has appeared in two Olympics. He finished 33rd in men's singles tennis at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. At the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, he finished 17th in men's singles tennis and 5th in men's doubles tennis with partner Chris Guccione.

How much money does Lleyton Hewitt earn in Tennis?

Throughout his career and presently, his career earnings stands at approx. US$18,291,036. Source:

Who is Australia's best tennis player?

Leyton Hewitt