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The 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

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Q: How old was gabby Douglas when she won gold in the Olympics?
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34 years old

When did gabby Douglas stop doing gymnastics?

20 years old

What year did gabby Douglas die?

Gabi Wilson is 20 years old (born June 27, 1997).

Does gabby Douglas have kids?

No. She's only 15 years old. Being a teen mother would shatter her career for quite a while, if not forever.

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Gabby Soleil is 22 years old (birthdate: May 25, 1995).

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The Evers-Swindell twins were 25 years old when the won gold in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, their first Olympic Games.

How old was Michael Phelps when he won 8 gold medals at the 2008 summer Olympics?

His first gold OLYMPIC medal was during the 2004 Athens games. He was 19.