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'Tiger' Woods turned pro in late summer 1996 aged 20

His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods

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He was 20.

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Q: How old was Tiger Woods when he became a professional?
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How old was Tiger Woods when he won the british open?

Tiger Woods was approximately 25 years old when he won the British Open. Tiger is a well known professional golfer.

What is the profession of Tiger Woods?

The only job he has had is professional golfer.

What mystery athlete turned professional as a twenty year old in golf?

Tiger Woods began his professional golf career at 20.

How old Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is 42 years old (birthdate: December 30, 1975).

How old was Tiger Woods?

Tiger is currently 32

How old was tiger woods when he first became part of the PGA?

Tiger was 20 when he turned pro winning the Las Vegas International and the Disney/Oldsmobile Classic.

How old is Tiger Woods daughter?

Tiger Woods daughter is around 3 years old.Again Health and social (Y)

How is earl woods important in Tiger Woods life?

He taught Tiger Woods when he was just 9 months old to play golf

Tiger Woods how old is he?

He is 34 years old.

How old is Tiger Woods mother?


In 1980 who became the youngest ever masters champion in golf?

Woods was a prodigy who began to play golf at the age of two. ... In 1994, he became the youngest ever winner of the U.S. Amateur Championship .... His 2001 Masters Tournament win marked the only time within the era of the modern .... He became the first golfer to win the PGAChampionship.

How old is Tiger Woods' wife?

She is 29.