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Negro League and Major League Baseball legend, Leroy "Satchel" Paige was 75 when he died on June 6, 1982. (born July 7, 1906)

After the integration of MLB, Paige became the oldest Rookie in history when he signed with the Cleveland Indians at the age of 42. He played professionally until the age of 47 and was the first player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame based on his Negro League play.

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Satchel Paige was born on July 7, 1906 and died on June 8, 1982. Satchel Paige would have been 75 years old at the time of death or 109 years old today.

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Satchel Paige died June 8, 1982, in Kansas City, MO, USA.

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Q: How old was Satchell Paige when he pitched his last game?
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Who pitched baseball at 60 years old?

Satchel Paige was either 59 or 65 when he pitched his last game, depending on the source.

Who pitched baseball when 60?

No one, the great Satchel Paige pitched his last game at 59 years old, but that was a promotion by Charlie O. Finley, he pitched 3 good innings and was removed according to a pre-ordained order by Haywood Sullivan.

Info on Satchel Paige 1948 World Series as good as I can remember Satchel was a Cleveland pitcher who pitched in the last game against Boston Braves?

Satchel Paige pitched in one game in the 1948 World Series for the Cleveland Indians. That was in the 7th inning of Game 5. The Braves had scored 5 runs in that inning when Paige was brought in. He got Warren Spahn to fly out to center field which scored the 6th run of the inning and then got outfielder Tommy Holmes to groundout to shortstop to end the inning. Al Rosen pinch hit for Paige in the bottom of the 7th inning. Cleveland wound up losing that game 11-5.

Where was the last baseball game pitched by Whitey Ford?

The last game pitched by Whitey Ford was on May 21, 1967 at Tiger Stadium.

What is Paige's last name from Charmed?

Paige's last name on Charmed is Matthews.

What Yankee pitched the last perfect game?

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What was the last perfect game pitched before Randy Johnson's perfect game?

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What is Paige's last name?


Who was the last Negro League player to appear in a professional game when he made two appearances in the Northern League All-Star Game in 2006?

Satchel Paige

Who pitched the last perfect game before 2004?

The last prior to 2004 was on July 18, 1999 when David Cone of the New York Yankees pitched a perfect game against the Montreal Expos, winning 6-0.

Who were satchel paige parents?

Satchel Paige's parents were John and Lula Page. Their last name was originally Page but they changed the spelling to Paige in the 1920's.

When did Satchel Paige last play in an Indians uniform?

The 1949 season. Paige was a member of the Indians in the 1948 and 1949 seasons.