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He began Wrestling in Mexico at the age of 14.

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Q: How old was Rey Mysterio when he started wrestling?
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Why is rey mysterio so athletic?

Because Rey Mysterio has been wrestling professionally since he was 14 years old and was trained by a legend, his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr., he's been putting in hard work for years.

Did Tygress date Rey Mysterio And how old was Rey Mysterio when he got married?

no he did not

How old is Rey Mysterio's son?

Rey Mysterio's son Dominik is 13 years old. He was born in 1997.

How old are rey mysterio and sin cara?

Rey Mysterio-37 Sin Cara-29

How is old rey mysterio?


How old are rey mysterio's kids?

Rey Mysterio's son is 12 1/2 years old and his daughter is 9 years old.

How old is WWE superstar Rey Mysterio 2010?

rey mysterio is 40 in 2011 by suhel miah!

How old is rey mysterio in 2008?

he will be 34

When is Rey Mysterio returning to Raw?

how old are you

When did Rey Mysterio get interested in wrestling?

Rey Mysterio made his debut in Mexico on April 30, 1989 when he was only 14 years old. He was trained by his uncle Rey Mysterio and wrestled early on in Mexico where he learned the " Lucha Libre " high flying style that has been his trademark. He had ring names such as " La Lagartija Verde ( The Green Lizard ) " and " Colibrí " before his uncle gave him the name of Rey Misterio, Jr. / Rey Mysterio, Jr.

How old is rey mysterio son?

15 or 16.

What does Rey Mysterio look like without his mask?

Rey Mysterio is cute when he has his mask off. He also looks way different when he has the mask on. If you want to see it, you can go to Google and type in rey mysterio jr or Rey Mysterio unmasked. You can also see it on I second dat he is very handsome but i still don't like his wrestling personaRey Mysterio looks very good and every body should know that he had tookoff his mask in one of the wrestling matches if you watched it.And if you want to see him just go to Google and or and type in eitherRey Mysterio or Rey Mysterio unmasked and this is your girl DOMONIQUE999.i think Rey Mysterio is OK looking with his mask off but i think John Cena is better lookingLooks very young at least in the video that I saw. Not bad looking at all. he is old now, but he looks young with the mask

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