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He was only 16 when he joined Santos (Brazil)

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Q: How old was Pele when he join the Brazil soccer club?
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tricky, get a PS vita 1st then join a soccer club. But if you like soccer more than video games join a soccer club 1st. i would buy a PS vita.

What impact did Pele have on the world?

Pele had a big impact in the world of football , he is the only player to win three world cups, he was the youngest at 17 years to win a world cup. Brazil considered him heritage, and would not let him join a European club.

When can you join soccer?

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Pele belonged to Italy?

No Pele is a Brazilian footballing legengdand at one stage he was considered a Brazilian heritage. The country refused to let him join any club outside Brazil. So he played for santos. But after his playing days were over he joined Cosmos in the U.s.A.

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Did Pele' play for brasil?

Yes Pele won three world cups with Brazil.The only footballer to do so. During his youth and club football he was considered a heritage , so he was not allowed to join any European clubs. He played for Santos and in the end played for the American club Cosmos.

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