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Q: How old was Pele when he became famous?
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Does Pele have any hobbies?

Pele was a soccer player and since he did not have much he played with a hackysack and became a world famous soccer player. That was i think a hobby.

Who is more famous Pele or Adele?


Who is more famous Pele or Homer Simpson?


Is Pele a famous football player?

Yes, Pele is a famous football (soccer) player.

How old was Jake t Austin when he became famous?

he was 8 years old when he became famous

How old was Mozar when he became famous?

Mozart became famous at 6.

What was Pele's soccer number?

Pele is famous for the 10 jersey number

Who are some popular men that became famous with soccer?

David Beckham, Pele, George Best, Ronaldinho, there are many many more.

How did Pele get famous?

by playing soccer

What is Brazil's famous person?


How old was Avril Lavigne when she became famous?

In her bio it says she was 17 when she became famous.

How old was Sean Kingston when he became famous?

Sean Kingston was 18 when he became famous.