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Q: How old was Michelle Kwan when she got her 1st award?
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How many gold metals did Michelle Kwan get so far?

Michelle kwan got her first medal when she was seven years old

What figure skater dropped out of the 2006 Olympics?

Michelle kwan. she got injured.

What is a majoraccompilishments Michelle kwan did?

she got almost 20 gold metals from ice scating in all olympics

How did Michelle Kwan fracture her left toe?

she was skating with a partner, and their skates got tangledup and she fell(I think, judging from pictures, correct me if I am wrong =D)-zoe

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Is Michelle Kwan engaged?

Yes. She got engaged late summer in 2012 to Clay Pell, the grandson of former U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell.

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Did Michelle Kwan go to middle school?

Kwan attended Soleado Elementary School in Palos Verdes, California, but left public school to be homeschooled starting at the age of 13. After graduation from Rim of the World High School in 1998, she attended UCLA for one year. In the fall of 2006 she transferred to the University of Denver with the intent of majoring in political science and minoring in international studies.

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