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First of all Martina Hingis is a her not a he. She first started playing tennis when she was 2 years old and entered her first tournament at the age of 4.

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Q: How old was Martina Hingis when he started playing tennis?
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What sport is played by Martina Hingis?

Martina Hingis is a Swiss professional tennis player.

What tennis player is under investigation for alleged drug use at Wimbledon?

Martina Hingis Martina hingis

Martina hingis play which sport?

obviously she plays tennis if not that i have no clue

Who became the youngest player to crack the top 10 in Tennis?

Martina Hingis

How many consecutive weeks did Martina Hingis hold the number one spot in women's tennis?

Hingis held the number one position in women's tennis for two hundred and nine weeks.

What is martina hingis greatest achievement?

She has won 5 grand slam single awards . For her time in tennis!!:)

Which sport does martina hingis play?

She is a Swiss professional tennis played, ranked the world number 2 in doubles

Who was the youngest female tennis player to reach the top ten?

Martina Hingis 1# 1977 , 16 years old

What is Martina Hingis height and weight?

According to the WTA online profile of players (refer to the link, below), Martina Hingis is listed as being 5' 7'' (1.70 m) and 130 pounds (59 kg) (n.b., the site does not indicate when these measurements were taken).

Who won the US Open women's singles tennis championship in 1999?

Serena Williams won the tournament in 1999, winning her first slam, beating Martina Hingis in the final.

In US open history in tennis who made the greatest comeback to win the match?

Jennifer capriatyafter going down 4 match points against martina hingis, won the championship

How many tournaments did Anna Kornikova win as a professional?

18, 2 in the International Tennis Federation and 16 in the Women's Tennis Federation.She won two singles titles while playing in the International Tennis Federation in 1996. She did not win any singles titles as a member of the Women's Tennis Federation.She won 16 doubles titles in the Women's Tennis Federation including the Australian Open in 1999 and 2002 with partner Martina Hingis. Kournikova and Hingas were named WTA Doubles Team of the Year in 1999. She won most of her doubles titles with Hingis but also won titles with Julie Halard-Decugis, Natasha Zvereva, and Monica Seles.