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Kobe Bryant started playing Basketball when he was 3.

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he was 21 years of age when he won his first ring

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30 years old

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Q: How old was Kobe Bryant when he got his frist ring?
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Where was Kobe playing when he got his first ring?

Kobe Bryant was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers when he won his first NBA title in 2000.

What are the obstacles that Kobe Bryant faced?

in 2003 Kobe got arrested for sexual assualt

Where does Kobe Bryant's wife last name come from?

Kobe Bryant got his name from his Father, his father decided to name his son after the Japanieze city of Kobe, and then he gave him his last name.

How is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is good, i hear he got back from New York.

Who did Kobe Bryant get punched by?

He got punched by AbuGhraib

What are problems in Kobe Bryant's career?

he got divorced by his wife

Who got mvp in 08 nba?

Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers

What year was it when Kobe Bryant got draffted to the Los Angeles Lakers?


What grade was Kobe Bryant in when he got drafted to the nba?

he was a senior with outstanding grades

What is Kobe Bryant's number?

His number is 2.Kobe Bryant is Number 24 . He got the number from the start of his nba career

How old was Kobe when he got his first ring?


Who did Kobe Bryant replace for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Shaquille O'neal baby. Kobe's got nothin' on my Homie G Shaq.