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Ken Griffey Jr. was 30 years old when he hit his 400th home run.

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Q: How old was Ken Griffey Jr. when he hit his 400th home run?
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When did Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 400th home run?

Stan Musial hit his 400th home run on May 7, 1959, against the Cubs.

How many home runs did ken griffey jr hit last year?

Ken Griffey Jr. hit 19 home runs in 2009, and 18 home runs in 2008.

Where does Ken Griffey jr hit most of his home runs?

In Seattle

Ken Griffey Jr Home runs in 2008?

Ken Griffey hit 18 home runs for two teams in 2008. 15 with the Reds, and 3 with the White Sox.

How many home runs did Ken Griffey Jr. hit in his career?

Ken Griffey Jr. retired with 630 career home runs, currently sixth on the all-time list.

Who hit 50 home runs before August?

Ken Griffey Jr.

Have a father and son ever hit home runs in the same inning?

On September 14, 1990, Seattle Mariner teammates Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. hit back-to-back home runs against California Angels pitcher Kurt McCaskill. Griffey Sr. had been traded after spending an abbreviated second stint with the Cincinnati Reds, who won the 1990 World Series.

What was the most home runs ken griffey jr hit in a single game?


Who was the second-youngest major-league player to hit 400 home runs?

The second-youngest player to hit 400 homers was Ken Griffey Jr., who reached the career mark at 30 years, 141 days. The youngest was Alex Rodriguez, who hit his 400th homer at 29 years, 316 days.

How many home runs did Ken Griffey Jr hit against Ben McDonald?


Which pitcher did ken griffey jr hit the most home runs off?

Griffey, who retired on June 2, 2010, hit eight of his 630 home runs off pitcher David Wells.

How many different pitchers has Ken Griffey Jr hit home run off?

As of 2009, ken Griffey Jr. hit 630 career home runs off of 407 different pitchers. He hit the most home runs, 8, off David wells, and hit 6 home runs off pitcher Roger Clemens.