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Q: How old was Brett Favre when he started to play profesional football?
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Who started playing football first Jake Delhomme or Brett Favre?

Brett Favre

Who was Brett Favre's highschool football coach?

irvin favre

Did Brett favre play for Oregon?

No. Brett Favre played his college football for Southern Mississippi

How many football players have defeated every football team in the nfl?

The only player I know of is Brett Favre.

Does Brett Favre play football?


Is Brett Favre done with football?


Who was the oldest QB to play pro football?

brett favre in one week

What team does Brett Favre play for 2011?

Brett Favre retired from the National Football League after the 2010 season.

What year did Brett Favre start pro football?

Brett Favre made his NFL debut in 1991 for the Atlanta Falcons.

What is Brett Favre pro football salary. only Brett Favre?

he got 186.4 millions dollars a in his whole carerr

How many games did Brett favre start on monday night football?

Unless my math is bad. Brett has started 30 games and has a 16-14 record.

Is Brett Favre playing football next year?