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Actually, Bethany Hamillton never attended high school. She was home schooled after finishing elementary school.

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Q: How old was Bethany Hamilton when she attended port Richmond high school?
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What degree did Bethany Hamilton get in college?

In Port Richmond High School. She was home schooled in Middle School.

What was Bethany Hamilton called in school?


Where did Bethany Hamilton go to school in 4th grade?

Home School

Where did Bethany Hamilton got o school?

After elementary school, she was home-schooled

Where did Bethany Hamilton graduate form?

She was homeschooled after completing elementary school

What high school do Bethany Hamilton go to?

By the time she was in high school she was being home schooled.

Where does Bethany Hamilton go to school?

Bethany Hamilton was homeschooled, this was so that she could get enough time to surf. Read her book Soul Surfer for more information. It answers a lot of questions!

What kind of middle school did Bethany Hamilton go to?

She didn't go to middle school. After completing elementary school, she was homeschooled

What school Virginia Hamilton attended?

none she was african so she did not have rigths

When was Bethany Hamilton home schooled?

She started being home-schooled after finishing elementary school

How old was Bethany Hamilton when she started homeschool?

She started being homeschooled after finishing elementary school

What is Bethany Hamilton's educational background?

Bethany was homeschooled since she lives in Hawaii, she stopped school at age 17 or 18 to become a pro surfer