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at least 9 years old

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Q: How old should you be before weight lifting?
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Related questions

How old do you have to be to do excersise?

there is no specific age for do exercise but it should be start from the age of 10th but not hard exercise which stop your growth, don't use weight lifting at this age weight lifting should be start after the age of 24th you can increase it slowly slowly..

How much weight should a 13-year-old boy lift?

Depends on what you mean by lifting. If you mean benching it depends on your weight, and build.

How old do you have to be to start lifting weight's?

10 years old

What size weights should a fourteen year old use?

Start lifting with what you are comfortable with and then gradually start adding weight. Ex. start lifting 5lb, next week (or every other week) make it a 10lb weight

How much should a 15 year old boy bench?

Usually, if you have been lifting weights for a while, you should be able to bench near your own weight. This is a good primary goal to reach if you have just started lifting.

How old should you be to start weightlifting?

You should start weight lifting at the age of 12. At that stage your going through puberty and you can make muscles easier. But you should only do 10-30 pounds depending on your weight and height.

Should 13 year old be lifting 25 pounds?

there are many different ways that you can lift something. i would need to know how you are lifting this weight. but, if you can lift it and it doesn't hurt then you should be fine. although it is said that you shouldn't be lifting weights until youre older, as it can affect your development.

How much weight on dumbbells should a twelve year old be lifting?

I would think that it would be healthy for a 12 year old to carry 10 pounds.

When did the disabled athlete Nick Scott first start weightlifting?

Nick Scott became disabled from a car accident when he was just 16 years old. Afterwards he went back to weight lifting after a bout of feeling sorry for himself. He won his first weight lifting award in 2001 before his accident.

How old was Arnold Schwarzenegger when he started weight lifting?

Arnold started weight training at the age of 14.

What is the ideal amount of weight lifting for a 14 year old boy?

I advice to only have an exercise, walking, biking and running to your 14 year old boy. It is because it is not advisable to do weight lifting at an early age. 21 year old can do, but at 14? I don't think so... you're boy will not get taller if you ask him to continue weight lifting at that age. I think he can still wait, he can still enjoy, biking, running, and walking.

How does a fifteen year old lose weight?

A fifteen year old should not try and lose weight unless directed by a doctor. You should wait until you are your maximum height before deciding that you need to lose weight.

Should my 13 year old be lifting weights?

No, in fact many gyms will not allow anyone under 16 (and in some areas, 18) to use their weight lifting equipment unattended. You could purchase a small weight sets to use at home or check with a school sports coach to see what facilities are available.

Can you start weight lifting at 44 years old?

Yes! Anybody can start at anytime!

How much weight can a 13 year old boy lift?

Generally, 13 year old children should not be lifting weight. It has been known to halt or alter growth. However, that is not always the case. For those that wish to lift weights, 10-15lb weights are good.

Does lifting weights help to make you taller?

That;s an interesting question. I am happy you asked this. I am a major science wiz. I am 15 years old. I recently had a theory that weight lifting could improve growth if done properly and safely. I started weight lifting when I was 14 years old. One thing to make sure of is to lift weights your body can handle and weights that are not too light or way too heavy for you. I was lifting some heavy weights. Though I still grew an inch TALLER! I was 5'8 and grew to another inch over the summer. I am now 5'9. My shoulders got wider and stronger. My chest also got bigger and harder as a result of weight lifting. But doing weight lifting wrong can damage your growth plate and stunt your growth in the process. It won't stop but it will slow down as a result of damage. So if your doing it or want too do it. Then I suggest lifting weights good for you. Make sure you have an adult who has weight lifted before has more than enough experience with weights. Weight lifting is very good because our muscles need that kind of stress factor in order to improve in performance wise.

Are you supposed to feel sore after weight lifting?

Usually yes. In the process of weight lifting, you are actually tearing/breaking down muscle tissue. The soreness you feel is related to how much tissue was broken down during your weight lifting session. This soreness can last for a day or two, or as long as a week. It all depends how much you lifted, and how intense your workout was. The old weight lifting saying goes " no pain, no gain", which is referring to the pain you feel after your workout.

How should a 13 year old girl get a muscle body?

The best way for a 13-year-old girl to get a muscle body is to practice lifting her own weight. With this exercise, you can develop a lean body that is muscular, but not bulky.

Hi you are 32 years old male you are 252 pound now just lost 9pound in 2.5 weeks you wonted to ask if you should start lifting weight now or should you stay with the cardio for more time?

I'd say start lifting now. A good mix of both Strength Training and Cardio, along a good diet is the best mix for weight loss and overall fitness.

How old should a cow be before you can ride it?

I started mine at 2 years old. As long as the rider does not exceed 20% of the cow's weight it should be fine.

What weights can a 115 pound 13-year-old safely lift?

There are many ranges of weight that a young person can lift while exercising. It is important to remember that one should check with their physician before beginning a new exercise routine. A good rule of thumb is to start weight lifting slowly, with small amounts of weights, increasing the weight a little at a time as your body gets adapted to the amount of weight that is being used.

How often and how long should a 14 year old teenager workout?

Depending on the health of the teen, this will vary. Yet, if you are dealing with a teen who is at a healthy weight, it is not really necessary to do heavy-duty workouts (weight-lifting, etc.) this is because weight lifting can stunt the growth of teens. Focus on getting 60 minutes of physical activity daily (ex. bike riding, rollerblading, running, etc.) If you are looking to lose weight limit carbs and get plenty of exercise.

Can you lift weights at 12 years old?

Most gyms say that you should be 14 before lifting weights This is because your muscles are not developed enough as a child.

How much should a 15 year old male squat?

The idea of weight lifting is to improve your ability to lift weights. If you can not do three groups of 6, you are trying to lift too much. If you can do three groups of 10, it is time to add more weight. You do the amount of weight that is right for you. Age does not matter.

How old do you have to be to lift heavy weights?

you can lift weights just don't go over the your weight lifting limit