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There is no minimum age requirement. Many gymnasts and figure skaters have been teenagers.

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Q: How old must an athlete be to take part in the Olympics?
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What is the athlete's oath?

The athlete's oath is an oath they take during the Olympics. It is a promise of upholding integrity as an athlete, such as not doping or taking drugs.

Do Zimbabwe people take part in Olympics?

THEY DO TAKE PART IN THE OLYMPICS BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.A lot of them take part in baseball.

Why women can not take part in the Olympics?

Women can take part in the olympics.

Does South Korea take part in Olympics?

no south Korea does not take part in the Olympics.

How old do you have to be to take part in the gymnastics part of the Olympics?

You must be turning sixteen the year of the Olympics. So even if you were only fifteen during the Olympics you could still participate so long as you are turning sixteen that same year.

Who was allowed to take part in the Olympics?

only men were allowed to take part in the Olympics and in case women snug into the Olympics they were all naked!

How many athlete will take part?


What 2 countries did not take part in Olympics in 1948?

Germany and Japan were not allowed to take part in the 1948 Summer Olympics.

How many medals are given before the finals in the Olympics?

There are 10000 people who take part in the Olympics and nobody gets a medal. THERE FAKE! DO NOT take part in any Olympics!!

Is Chile taking part in the Olympics?

yes, they always take part in every summer olympics

Who was the youngest athlete to take part in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Freestyle skier Britteny Cox of Australia who was 15 years, 138 days old when she competed in women's moguls. She finished 23rd.

Who took part in ancient olympics?

only romans and greeks were abliged to take part in the ancient olympics

Will Lithuania take part in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, seeing as 200 countries take part in the Olympics, all countries in Europe take part and Lithuania is in Europe. Also it took part every previous year.

When did women first take part in the Olympics?

In which Olympic did women first take part?

Do women take part of the ancient Olympics?

No, women were not allowed in the original olympics

Is there testing related to becoming an athlete?

It depends on the sport on which you are playing for. Many professional sporting leagues have drug screening tests, to see if any player is taking any banned substance. Yet, I know that the Olympic Committee peforms full drug tests for every athlete that will take part in that respective Olympics. If an athlete tests postive, they will not be allowed to compete

Is this the first time for Tom Daley to take part in the Olympics?

No, Tom took part in the 2008 Olympics also. He was one of the youngest to take part being only 14-years-old.

Countries that take part in the olympics?

Many of the them

Who could take part in the Olympics?


What events do women take part in the modern Olympics?


Does Chile take part in the Olympics?


What sporting events did Canada take part in 1976 Olympics?

The Summer Olympics in Montreal.

Is there a limit on how many countries can participate in the Olympics?

NO, every country can take part in the Olympics

How many athletes take part in this years Olympics?

over 200 athletes take part in this year

Is Italy going to take part in the Olympics 2010?

Yes, Italy is participating in the Olympics 2010