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The oldest pair of skis were found in Hoting, Sweden and are estaimated to be about 5,000 years old by carbon dating.

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Q: How old is the oldest pair of skis?
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I have a pair of antique skis and the wood looks dryed out Do you need to wax old skis?

No need to thing to do is preserve with linseed oil.

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Can you put bindings from another pair of skis onto a newer pair?

Yes, but if you can afford either new skis or new bindings, get the new bindings because they'll keep you safer on the slopes.

The sale price of a new pair of skis is 250.00 with a 20 percent discount What was the original price of the skis?

The original price was $312.50

How much are your Harvey E Dodds wooden skis worth?

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That is called a pre-cognitive dream - quite unexplained, and a piece of firm evidence that ordinary passing time is not the only form of time.

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Two. If a person practiced several disciplines of skiing he might have several pairs of skis - maybe all-mountain, powder and telemark skis - but when you are on the mountain you'll take one pair of skis with you.

How much does a pair of skis weight?

Mine weigh 9kg inc bindings

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How do you buy a snowboard for 2 years of use?

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