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The oldest pair of skis were found in Hoting, Sweden and are estaimated to be about 5,000 years old by carbon dating.

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Q: How old is the oldest pair of skis?
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Where can one purchase a pair of Superglide skis?

You can purchase a pair of Superglide skis from the Evo website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these skis online from retailers such as Amazon.

I have a pair of antique skis and the wood looks dryed out Do you need to wax old skis?

No need to thing to do is preserve with linseed oil.

Who invented skis?

Skis have been in existence for about 5000 years from the evidence of rock drawings. The oldest known ski found was in Sweden and is estimated to be 3200 years old

How do you spell the plural of ski?

The plural of ski (one) is skis (two), for a pair of skis.

What is the singular for skis?

If you break one of a pair of skis, you will be left with one good ski.

What is the plural word form for ski?

The plural form for the noun ski is skis; one ski, two skis, a pair of skis.

When was the first pair of skis to come out?

year 1

What were the first pair of skis made of?

they were made out of wood.

How much is it to rent skis?

A one week rental (6 days) is starting at € 60 for a pair of beginners skis and up to €120 for advanced skis.

How big should skis be for an average 10 year old?

My advice is to go to your local ski retailer. Find a pair of skis that is up to his/her chin. look at the tail of the ski and find the length in centimeters. With this information you will be able to browse online for skis of this size.

The sale price of a new pair of skis is 250.00 with a 20 percent discount What was the original price of the skis?

The original price was $312.50

What does skis mean?

Skis mean one pair of long slender runners made of wood, plastic or metal used for skiing.

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