How old is tevez?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Carlos Tevez is 26 years old, he was born on 05 February 1984 ... Luv u 32

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Q: How old is tevez?
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Is Carlos tevez Muslim?

Yes as Carlos Tevez is from Argentina a catholic country, he is a catholic.

Where is Carlos Tevez originally from?

Carlos Tevez is originally from Argentina.

Who is the girlfriend of carlos tevez?

hes dating a 17 years old girl Miski Purik

What position is carlos tevez?

Tevez is a second striker or centre forward.

What nicknames does Carlos Tevez go by?

Carlos Tevez goes by Carlitos, and Apache.

Which country does Carloc Tevez play for?

The Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is from Argentina.

What is the birth name of Carlos Tevez?

Carlos Tevez's birth name is Carlos Alberto Tvez.

Have Manchester united signed tevez?

No not yet Tevez wants to leave after a2 year loan spell.

Is tevez going to liverpool?


What date was Carlos Tevez born?

Carlos tevez was born on 05 February 1984... Luv u 32

How much does Carlos Tevez get paid as a weekly salary?

Carlos Tevez gets a weekly salary of about 80,000 pounds.

How much does Carlos tevez get paid per year?

Carlos Tevez makes £13,000,000 a year at Macnhester City.