How old is lanchen mihalic?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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on her myspace someone said happy 21st i think shes 21

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Q: How old is lanchen mihalic?
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Who is Lanchen Mihalic?

Lanchen mihalic is Josh Hutcherson´s Best friend and ex girlfriend..

Are Josh Hutcherson and lanchen mihalic dating again as of 2011?

yes josh is currently dating lanchen mihalic

Did Josh Hutcherson and lanchen mihalic go to Hawaii together?


Where can i find the CSI Miami song sang by Lanchen Mihalic?

her myspace...or u can google it

Does lanchen mihalic have a YouTube page?

yes her youtube name is Lamzcan you can also search her name to find it

Is lanchen mihalic nice?

yes, i know her personally. shes very outgoing. over all a very well rounded girl as well as beautiful ;)

Is Lanchen Mihalic friends with Emile Hirsch?

Are friendships any one's business? When in hollywood! Yes! Speak not! Tell not! I call that "loyalty" so.... Won't tell....

Is lanchen mihalic singing if that's love on csi?

No it shouldve been! =( I think her version is much better that the other girls who sang it. you can download it now from google now ;)

Who has Josh Hutcherson dated besides Shannon Wada?

He confirmed in a previous interview for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island that he and Vanessa Hudgens dated briefly. Before Shannon, he dated another model named Lanchen Mihalic.

Is Josh Hutcherson going out with lanchen mihalic?

No, they're just friends. They did date, when Josh was 16, but they've been friends since they were 9. Lanchen has answered via twitter and Josh has said he doesn't want a relationship while filmin the Hunger Games trilogy because he'll be so busy, he wouldn't be able to be a good boyfriend.

Is Josh Hutcherson still with shannon wada?

No. Josh and Shannon don't hang out anymore, despite living a very short distance away. Josh has been spotted frequently with a previous ex, Lanchen Mihalic, recently, though. Lanchen is good friends with Shannon, so it would make sense if she, Shannon, and Josh hung out sometime. However, there are no pictures or tweets indicating that they have done so, and Shannon and Lanchen are both very avid tweeters and instagrammers. This suggests that Shannon and Josh don't get along very well, for whatever reason.

What nicknames does Lunden Mihalic go by?

Lunden Mihalic goes by LuLu.