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Hillerich & Bradsby also known as Louisville Slugger has been making bats for well over a hundred years. I spoke with Brian Hillerich recently and this is what he told me about model numbers associated with H&B bats. And yes, I asked him because of your question. They didn't start model numbers until the late 30's to the early 40's. The way it worked was, when a ballplayer made an order they used the first initial of his last name and then a corresponding number. Whoever's order came in first, that was their model number. A good example is the Jackie Robinson model is the R-17 while the Babe Ruth model is R-43. It seems Jackie Robinson's order came in before Babe Ruth ever ordered a bat from H&B. So, according to Hillerich, the worst thing that ever came out of H&B was the model number system. They don't even know all the model numbers at H&B since many of them have been lost to time. I have taken a look at a few model numbers and have found none with four digits in the model number. And if Mr. Hillerich is to be believed, there can't be a model number O6112 since only abut 4000 models exist. A picture's worth a thousand words. Better yet, send a picture to me and I'll have Mr Hillerich to ascertain its vintage.

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Q: How old is hillerich bradsby 06112 wooden bat?
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Who is John hillerich?

He created the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. With his partner, Frank Bradsby, he headed the company Hillerich & Bradsby Company Inc., which still manufactures baseball bats.

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I've got one I'd be willing to part with. I got it from my grandfather year ago. What do you know about Hillerich and Bradsby corkball bats? Thanks, Tom

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Depending on age and wear, it is worth $50-$200.

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Hillerich Bradsby co no 9 Joe DiMaggio BatThe Hillerich & Bradsby co no 9 baseball bat was an inexpensive store model bat. A Joe DiMaggio no. 9 Store model bat in general is worth around $100. - $150. depending on the age, and condition. Youth sized bats will sell at lower value. Hillerich & Bradsby Co. has used different oval center brands in their history. By idendifying the patens, and trade marks you can date the bat. Older Joe DiMaggio bats will sell at a higher value

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The designation 40 was a secondary line of retail store model bats of the Hillerich & Bradsby co. that started production of this model around 1916. Jimmy Foxx signed a contract with the Hillerich & Bradsby Co on 6-11-1926. If the bat is stamped "powerized" the bat was made after 1931. The 40 model bats would have the player endorsed initials following as 40 J.F. (40 Jimmy Foxx endorse bat) In general a Jimmy Foxx Hillerich & Bradsby 40 model bat is worth about $150.-$200. in excellent-near/mint condition.

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The initials J.F.S. on the bat in question stand for Jimmie Foxx 'Special'.

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Armed Forces Softball batIn general Softball bats have a low collectors value. The bat you have with the US Army Stamping was made by Hillerich and Bradsby for the armed forces. The bulk of a collectible Baseball bat relies on the player that endorsed the bat. Without a player endorsement it will have a low value and the value will rely on vintage bat features if any.

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