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Mark "The Undertaker" Calaway is 52 years old (birthdate: March 24, 1965).

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Q: How old is The Undertaker?
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How old is the undertaker for WWE?

The Undertaker is 44 years old.

How old is wwes undertaker?

The Undertaker is currently 45 years old.

How old was the undertaker in 1990?

The Undertaker was 26 years old in 1990

Is The Undertaker going to go back to being the old undertaker?


How old is the deadman the undertaker?

the age of undertaker is 41 years.

How old john cena is in2010and how old undertaker is?

John cena is like 32 or something and undertaker is 45

How old is the WWE wrestler The Undertaker?

The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) is 52 years old (birthdate March 24, 1965).

How old was the undertaker when he had his first child?

Undertaker was 28 years old when he had his first child. His son Gunner was born in 1993.

What is the undertaker's age in 2010?

undertaker is 45 years old this year 2010

How old is WWE's Undertaker?

he is 45 years old

How old is the undertaker know?

he is 45 years old

Is old undertaker ever giong to come back?

there was only one undertaker,but there was two kanes and the old Kane fights on tna impact

How old was undertaker in 2002?


Hhow old is undertaker?

About 38

Wwe how old is undertaker?


How was undertaker in old days?


How old is the undertaker 2013?


How old is Kane and the undertaker?


What is going on with Mark Calloway the Undertaker?

Undertaker is sidelined due to multiple new and old injuries that are bothering him.

How old is undertaker's wife?

Undertaker is currently married to 30 year old WWE Diva Michelle McCool. The two were married June 26 2010.

Is undertaker coming back old school?

yes he is old school

How older is undertaker?

47 years old

How old was undertaker when he joined?

He was 19 or something

How old was the undertaker when he started wrestling?


How old is undertaker brother Kane?