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Temepara George was born October 23, 1975 which would make her, at the time of this answer, 32 years old.

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Q: How old is Temepara George?
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How tall is temepara George?

Temepara George is 5 foot 8

Where in NZ was Temepara George Born?


What is Temepara George's favorite colour?


What is Temepara Georges full name?

sori i do NT know what her whole name is soyr

What makes Temepara George a leader?

Simple - Her Achievements.....

Who are temepara Georges parents?

Mrs and Mr George

Who is a famous netballer?

temepara george is the best C in the world!

Who is the center in the silver ferns?

Temepara George or Laura Langman

Does Temepara George still play netball for the New Zealand Silver Ferns?

Temepara George announced on 30 July 2007 that she would be unavailable for the 2008 Netball World Cup.

What is Temepara George's kids name?

Max (Boy) Lara (Girl)

How many games of netball has temepara george played?

There is no public record regarding the total number of netball games Temepara George has played. She won a gold medal at the 2003 World Netball Championships.

Is temepara George maori?

Yes, she is part maori/samoan and english.