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Q: How old is Mickie James former WWE diva?
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Who is the WWE Diva's champion?

Mickie James

Is mickie James the hottest WWE diva?


Who is the richest diva in WWE?

mickie James

Is mickie James a WWE diva?

No,as of October 2010,Mickie is in TNA.

Is Mickie James a wrestler?

Mickie James (aka piggy James) is a women's WWE wrestler. Also known as a diva.

What is WWE diva mickie James real name?

mickie James is her real name and her middle name is laree

Wwe diva mickie James cell Number?


Does WWE diva Mickie James have kids?

no she has none shes not even married

Is there any WWE diva with a sex tape?

chyna candice michell and mickie james

Does John Cena has a girlfriend on WWE diva?

John Cena is not dating a diva at this time. the only Diva he has ever dated was Mickie James.

Has john cena dated anyone in the WWE?

John Cena had a relationship with Diva Mickie James

Where does WWE diva mickey James live?

Mickie Laree James is an American professional wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) appearing on its Raw brand. She currently resides in Aylett Virginia. She is a former Womens champion in WWE

Is the diva's championship included in wwe raw vs smackdown 2009?

yes it is held by mickie James

Did WWE diva mickie James get released?

No she is on Smackdown. LAst week she had a match with Michelle McCool and she lost.

How is the sweetest WWE diva?

Mickie James is the sexiest and best and nicest diva but melina's in second Trish is in 3rd and lita is just a slut

What colour hair has Mickie James got?

Mickie James has light-brown hair. But she occasionally dyes it. Her Hair currently is dark brunette. Also she is the best diva in WWE!

Does juventud guerrera have a girlfriend?

Yes his girlfriend is WWE Diva Mickie James they began dating in February 2009.

Is Mickie James still in the WWE?

No, Mickie James is not is WWE. She was released from her contract in April of 2010.

Does WWE Mickie James has kids?

Mickie James Does Not Have Kids! :-) -MJ

Which WWE diva has the biggest booty?

i guess it would have to be Laylas, or Victorias, Stacy kiebler , mickie James, or trish stratus.

Is tna diva mickie James dateind WWE super star Randy Orton?

no randy is married to Samantha Speno Orton and Mickie Is Single - Alyssa Kendrick

Did Mickie James quit WWE?


Is WWE diva mickie James happy?

yes she is very happy she just wishes she could beat Beth phonix again

Which is hotter maria Candice Michelle or mickie James?

In my opinion Maria is the hottest wwe diva!And it's not an opinion it's a fact!

What WWE diva had a sex tape?

Candice Michelle, Melina, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Mickie James ,Lita ,Kelly Kelly