How old is Kevin garrnet?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Kevin Garrnet is 34 born in may 19,1976

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Q: How old is Kevin garrnet?
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Is Kevin garrnet getting traded?

no he will retire

How did Kevin Garrnet get famous?

by playin B-Ball in da nba

Who was in the NBA first Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garrnet?

Kevin Garnett was in the NBA first. He was drafted in 1995 and Kobe was drafted in 1996.

Endorsement-wise only Who are the highest paid nba players?

Kevin Garrnet is the hights paid basketball player

Which NBA players wear 21?

Kevin Garrnet used to Thadeus Young Dominique Wilkins Tim Duncan

Is Kevin garrnet Haitian?

If you're asking about the basketball player Kevin Garnett, (currently playing in Boston Celtics) He is NOTHING like a Haitian. In fact, he is full American.

Who is going to be the next Kids Choice Awards host?

the next kids choice awards host is going to be Kevin garrnet.

Who are some popular athletes in history who quit on their teams?

Lebron James went to the Heat Chris Bosh went to the Heat Kevin Garrnet went to the Celtics Brett Farve went to the Jets,Vikings

How old is Kevin jumba?

Kevin Jumba is 21 years old.

How old is Kevin James?

Kevin James is 52 years old (born Kevin Knipfing, April 26, 1965).

How old is Kevin Großkreutz?

As of June 2014, Kevin Großkreutz is 25 years old.

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Kevin Thomas is 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!