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Which Sister? Claire or Natalie?

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Q: How old is Frank Lampard's sisters claire and natalie?
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Does Frank Lampard have any brothers or sisters?

He has 2 sisters. Claire & Natalie

Is Frank Lampard an only child?

no he has 2 sisters. Natalie and Claire.

Did Frank Lampard have brothers or sisters?

His sisters are called Natalie and Claire.. :)

How many siblings does Frank Lampard have and what was they name?

2 sisters, Claire & Natalie

What are Frank Lampards brothers called?

He doesn't have any brother, he has sisters :)

Who is Frank Lampards dad?

Frank Lampard snr.

Who is frank lampards son?

Frank Lampard Junior is Frank Lampards snr's son. Frank Lampard Jr doesnt have any sons only daughters (Depending on which Frank Lampard you were talking about)

Frank lampards fathers name?

Frank Lampard snr.

What is Frank Lampards religion?

Frank Lampard is a Christian-Protestant

What is Frank Lampards MSN?

What is Frank Lampards boot size?


What is Frank Lampards star sign?