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Carl Yastrzemski is 77 years old. He was born August 22, 1939.

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Q: How old is Carl Yastrzemski?
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What is the birth name of Carl Yastrzemski?

Carl Yastrzemski's birth name is Carl Michael Yastrzemski.

What was Carl Yastrzemski's Nickname?

Carl Yastrzemski's Nickname was "Yaz"

How tall is Carl Yastrzemski?

Carl Yastrzemski is 5' 11".

What nicknames does Carl Yastrzemski go by?

Carl Yastrzemski goes by Yaz, and Captain Carl.

When was Carl Yastrzemski born?

Carl Yastrzemski was born on August 22, 1939.

What is Carl Yastrzemski's birthday?

Carl Yastrzemski was born on August 22, 1939.

When and where was baseball player Carl Yastrzemski born?

Carl Yastrzemski was born August 22, 1939, in Southampton, NY, USA.

Carl Yastrzemski played for what MLB team?

Carl Yastrzemski played his entire career with the Boston Red Sox beginning in 1961.

What was CARL Yastrzemski statistics?

Carl Yastrzemski had a career batting average of .285 hit 452 home runs, and had 1844 RBIs.

Was carl yastrzemski catholic?


Did Carl Yastrzemski ever play for the New York Yankees?

Carl Yastrzemski played his entire career with the Boston Red Sox from 1961 - 1983.

What was carl yastrzemski's bat size?


What are baseball player Carl Yastrzemski's physical stats?

Carl Yastrzemski is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 175 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

Who won the Hutch Award in 1967?

1967 Carl Yastrzemski

Who has had the most at-bats in a Red Sox Uniform?

Carl Yastrzemski

Who was the highest paid baseball player in 1970?

Carl Yastrzemski

Who made the last out in the Bucky Dent game?

Carl Yastrzemski

What is the value of a diamond king puzzle of Carl Yastrzemski?


What Red Sox players number is 8?

Carl Yastrzemski

How many brothers and sisters did Carl Yastrzemski have?

2 brothers.

What number did Carl Yastrzemski wear at Notre Dame?


What is Red Sox carl yastrzemski worth?

two million

What town does carl yastrzemski live in the north shore?


What has the author Carl Yastrzemski written?

Carl Yastrzemski has written: 'Yaz' -- subject(s): Baseball players, Baseball, Boston Red Sox (Baseball team), Biography, History

Who are some famous people named Carl?

Some famous Carls are Carl Weathers, Carl Sagan, Carl Alfalfa Switzer, Carl Lewis, Carl Edwards, Carl Bernstein, Carl Yastrzemski, Carl Reiner, and Carl Banks.