How old is Boris Pahor?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Boris Pahor is 98 years old (birthdate: August 28, 1913).

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Q: How old is Boris Pahor?
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What is Boris Pahor's birthday?

Boris Pahor was born on August 28, 1913.

When was Boris Pahor born?

Boris Pahor was born on August 28, 1913.

How tall is Pahor Galiano?

Pahor Galiano is 192 cm.

What nicknames did Pahor Galiano go by?

Pahor Galiano went by Gale.

When was Jan Pahor born?

Jan Pahor was born on 1986-06-10.

When was Borut Pahor born?

Borut Pahor was born on 1963-11-02.

When was Pahor Labib born?

Pahor Labib was born on 1905-09-19.

When was Pahor Galiano born?

Pahor Galiano was born on October 17, 1955.

When did Pahor Labib die?

Pahor Labib died on 1994-05-07.

What has the author Ahmes L Pahor written?

Ahmes L. Pahor has written: 'Blast injuries to the ear'

When did Pahor Galiano die?

Pahor Galiano died on January 5, 2008, in Rijeka, Croatia of cancer of the esophagus.

How old is Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson is 53 years old (birthdate: June 19, 1964).