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Russian former centre Alexei Yashin is 44 years old. He was born on November 5, 1973.

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Q: How old is Alexei Yashin?
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What is Alexei Yashin's birthday?

Alexei Yashin was born on November 5, 1973.

When was Alexei Yashin born?

Alexei Yashin was born on November 5, 1973.

What players on the New York Islanders wore the number 79?

Alexei Yashin from 2001 to 2007

How old is Lev Yashin?

Lev Yashin was born on October 22, 1929 and died on March 20, 1990. Lev Yashin would have been 60 years old at the time of death or 85 years old today.

How old was Lev Yashin at death?

Lev Yashin died on March 20, 1990 at the age of 60.

What is the birth name of Boris Yashin?

Boris Yashin's birth name is Yashin, Boris Vladimirovich.

How old is Alexei Ramirez?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Alexei Ramirez is 32 years old.

Who led the Ottawa Senators club in points in the 1997 season?

For the 1996-1997 season, Alexei Yashin lead the team with 75 points on 35 goals and 40 assists. For the 1997-1998 season, Yashin again led the Senators with 72 points with 33 goals and 39 assists.

How old is Alexei Nemov?

Alexei Nemov is 35 years old (birthdate: May 28, 1976).

How old is Alexei Gusarov?

Alexei Gusarov is 47 years old (birthdate: July 8, 1964).

How old is Alexei Yagudin?

Alexei Yagudin is 31 years old (birthdate: March 18, 1980).

How old is Alexei Kyrilloff?

Alexei Kyrilloff is 47 years old (birthdate: March 4, 1963).

How old is Alexei Kovalev?

Alexei Kovalev is 44 years old (birthdate: February 24, 1973).

How old is Alexei Semenov?

Alexei Semenov is 30 years old (birthdate: April 10, 1981).

How old is Alexei Smertin?

Alexei Smertin is 35 years old (birthdate: May 1, 1975).

How old is Alexei Sayle?

Alexei Sayle is 65 years old (birthdate: August 7, 1952).

How old is Alexei Zhamnov?

Alexei Zhamnov is 40 years old (birthdate: October 1, 1970).

How old is Alexei Zhitnik?

Alexei Zhitnik is 40 years old (birthdate: October 10, 1972).

How old is Alexei Kaigorodov?

Alexei Kaigorodov is 33 years old (birthdate: July 29, 1983).

How old is Alexei Urmanov?

Alexei Urmanov is 37 years old (birthdate: November 17, 1973).

How old is Alexei Mikhnov?

Alexei Mikhnov is 29 years old (birthdate: August 31, 1982).

What is the value of a 1994 Classic Games Inc signed Alexei Yashin Russian National Team card?

Nothing, he's a bum who ego-d himself out of the league years ago.

When was Yashin - band - created?

Yashin - band - was created in 2006.

When was Konstantin Yashin born?

Konstantin Yashin was born in 1973.

When was Sergei Yashin born?

Sergei Yashin was born in 1962.

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