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You have to be 15 to compete in Olympics but any age to go to the olympic trials

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Q: How old do you have to be to swim in Olympics?
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What age can you swim for the Olympics?

16 years old

Why didn't mark spitz go to the Olympics?

He's way to old to swim!

How long do you swim in the Olympics?

You might swim 100m

What is the sign for swimming Olympics?

the Olympics do not swim. They are held. Usually on a 4 year basis. Dolphins swim. So do fish. Olympics do not.

Does auburn have a swimteam?

Auburn has a swim team. This year, 2010, an old Auburn swimmer was in the Olympics.

When was the first use of swim goggles in the Olympics?

I think the first use of swim goggles in the Olympics was in 1960.

Will jessica pengelly swim in 2012 Olympics?


What other swim events are there besides the Olympics?

Various swim meets take place

What is the fastest time in the Olympics when you swim?

Find out your self

What is a swimming event called in the Olympics?

Swim meat

Where does the fastest swimmer swimmer swim in the Olympics?


How many people swim in the Olympics?


When did Moises Lichtinger swim for Olympics for usA?

1972 summer olympics. Water polo team.

How far does Stephanie Rice swim in the Olympics?

400m I think

How many swimming events can a person swim in the Olympics?


Who was the first black swimmer to swim in the Olympics?

Micheal Jordan

Where does Arliss swim in Old Yeller?

What did the boys swim in old yeller

Did Michael Phelps swim in the Olympics in 2006?

There is no swimming in the winter Olympics. The summer Olympics that we swan in and will swim in are 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. He said he is done after 2012 cause than by the next summer Olympics in 2016 he will be over 30 and he said he is done after he turns 30.

What is The Water Cube?

the water cube is where the swimmers swim in Olympics 2008

Where does Michael Phelps swim when not in the Olympics?

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

What are the names of the Australian Swim Team in the 2008 Olympics?

the corripense (boo)

If an 11 year old swimmer has been training for 2 years and won gala's could they make it to the 2012 Olympics?

No, she couldn't swim at the Olympic level at 11 years old.

How old do you have to be to be in the synchronize swimming in the Olympics?

their isnt really any age but you do need to know how to swim of course. Most offten people start beetween the ages of 6-10 year old.

Who was the first African American woman to swim in the Olympics?

Maritza Correia was the fist African American woman to swim in the Olympics. she is from Florida and was the first to set an American record in swimming. Martiza is a silver medalist.

What country had a swim team that did not eat Big Mac's at the 1996 Olympics?