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Q: How old do you have to be to sue someone in san Diego?
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How old do you have to be to sue someone?

You have to be 18 to legally sue someone but if your parents do it for you that would be legal

When was David Ho Sue San born?

David Ho Sue San was born in 1949.

How do you spell sue?

sue (if you are suing someone) Sue (if it's a name)

Can you sue someone for assaulting a minor?

can you sue someone over 18 for assaulting a minor

How old is Sue Hendrickson?

sue hendrickson is 61 years old

Can you sue someone how has no money?

Yes you can sue soneone who has no money.

Can you sue someone gossiping you?


What can you do if someone without any insurance hits your car?

if they are dumb enough to tell you their real name sue sue sue sue sue sue

How old do you have to be to sue somebody?

You have to be at least 18 years old to sue somebody. == ==

What is the minimum amount to sue someone in federal court?

what is the minimum amount you can sue someone at a federal level

How do you spell sue as in sue someone?

That is the correct spelling of the verb sue (to bring a lawsuit, or to appeal).

Can you sue someone for hitting you with their car when you were walking?

Sure, you can sue someone for just about anything. The question is, should you sue them? Were you injured? Was it an accident or was it malicious? If you feel you need to sue then contact a lawyer.

Sue is 4 times as old as her daughter Rachel In 5 years Sue will only be 3 times as old as Rachel How old are Sue and Rachel?

Sue is 40 and Rachel is 10

Can you sue someone after their death?

You can sue their estate if you have grounds and you do it soon enough.

For what can you sue people?

I think you can sue someone if they break the law in their country.

What are contribution of sung San Sue Ky?

contribution of aung san suu kyi

How old are debbie and sue of puberty blues?

Deb and Sue are 13 years old.

Can you sue someone for racism?


Can someone sue you for spoiling their name?


Who is Sue Atchley Ebaugh?


Can someone sue you if you live in Texas?

"Sue" is an old word. It means "ask". So when someone "sues" you in court he/she is just asking the court to award them some of your money or other resources. That can be in any state so long as there are courts.

Can divorce someone in US then sue him in another country for the same?

Sue For what marrying you?

Can you sue someone for giving you an std?

if you live in America you can sue for just about anything

Can someone sue after a three year period?

Don't sue it's not nice

Can you sue someone whose under age?

No you can't. You can sue the parents though.