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Q: How old do you have to be to run a fundraiser?
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What are things to do for a fundraiser for two teenagers who want to earn money as soon as possible for a trip to Italy for educational purposes?

maybe a car wash, run/walk fundraiser, ask for a sponsor

Why was it Canada Terry wanted to run across?

He wanted to raise a fundraiser by running around Canada

What is a sentence for fundraiser?

The fundraiser was very successful.We will start a fundraiser to help you cover the costs.

Where can a 10 yr old boy work?

In a shop fundraiser community markets

How do you say fundraiser in spanish?


How do you get a fundraiser coupon?

Not sure what you mean by fundraiser coupon but this company will do a fundraiser for you,with coupons-FREE

Does Jake brown have a fundraiser?

Jake brown does not have a fundraiser.

Can fundraiser be two words?

No, fundraiser is one word.

Who is the most important member of a campaign staff?

The most important member of a campaign's staff is the fundraiser.

How can I raise money for a Xbox360?

Depends on how old you are. you could get a job, start a fundraiser. Stuff like that.

Is this how you spell fundraiser or is this how you spell fund raiser?

The correct spelling is fundraiser.Some example sentences are:The fundraiser managed to raise £42,668 for Scott's tea fund.We will be attending a fundraiser tonight.Police learnt that the fundraiser was just a scam.

Can you get a solicatation for medical fundraiser?

Yes, you can get solicataion for the medical fundraiser.