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Q: How old do you have to be to go to the 915 skatepark?
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How old do you haved to be to go to the skatepark?


How do you get to skate in a skatepark?

just walk in! just go to wherever the entrance is.

What is mini skatepark in spanish?

el skatepark mini!

What does Vai ir jogar futebol então vá patinar no skatepark então vai ir ao metrô com leo hahah mean?

Vá jogar futebol = Go play soccer. Vá patinar no Skatepark = Go skating at the Skatepark. Ou, então vá ao metrô com Leo = Or, then go to the subway with Leo

When was Turf Skatepark created?

Turf Skatepark was created in 1987.

Where is the skatepark on build a bear ville?

easy answer, just go onto your map go over and it should be there.

What skate park did Tony Hawk first go to?

I think Del Mar Skatepark

What is the lowest number that can go into 915 and 3?

The number is 1.

Where is University Skatepark located in North Carolina?

university skatepark is in Kernersville on University dr.

When does the bedford VA skatepark close?

When your community realizes how useless having a skatepark really is.

How many times does three go into 915?

Exactly 305 times

Where is the skatepark in Portland?

Burnside skatepark is underneath the burnside bridge on the east side of the wilamette river.