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In Western Australia you need to be 14 to get a Skippers Ticket. Perth Boat School trains hundreds of school age students each year.

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Q: How old do you have to be to get your skippers ticket?
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Do you need a skippers ticket for a 6hp dinghy?

You do not need a Skippers Ticket if the motor is UNDER 6hp. If it is 6hp, then you DO need a Skippers ticket. Our website has all the details about skippers tickets, plus there is a wikipedia page on it too.

Do you need to have a license to get a recreational skippers ticket?

A Licence is something you pay for, it is payment for "permission" to drive a boat, etc. A "Skippers Ticket" in WA is proof that you have the competence to do it. Once you have the Skippers Ticket, you can drive a Recreational Boat in WA. You do not need to keep paying a fee to the Govt, because it is not a licence. In WA to drive a recreational boat you just need to prove you are competent - and off you go. In some states of Australia you need to keep paying a Licence, for permission to drive a boat.

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Do you need a boaters license to drive a jet ski?

Different states and countries around the world have different rules. In Western australia, the Skippers Ticket covers Jet Ski's and all recreational boats. We train people in Jet Ski's, our new Jet Boat, centre console and have even trained hovercraft operators - all for the Skippers Ticket. In other states you need 2 different licences, or qualifications.

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