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6 for Normal Wrestling 14 for Professional Wrestling in Canada 16 for Professional Wrestling everywhere else

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Q: How old can you be to join wrestling?
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How do you join WWE if you have no wrestling experience?

get wrestling experience you moron.

How do you join TNA Wrestling?

You can't really join a major wrestling company by trying to, they'll get in contact with you if they're interested.

In what year did the miz join wrestling?


What is the best way for a 5' 5 163 pound 15-year-old to lose weight?

join the wrestling team

Can you join WWE when im 13?

No, you have to be at least 18 years old and have had at least 3 years of professional wrestling experience.

How do join tna wrestling to be on the show and wrestle?


Will litta join tna wrestling?

No she is touring with her band

Why do people join the wrestling team?

so they can get shagged

Will maryse join TNA?

she says she wont join tna... she wanted to leave wwe for along time... she wont be wrestling no time soon No she will not be joing TNA and she has said she is done with Wrestling and will not be wrestling again.

You are 12 years old And you want to become a WWE superstar by the time you are 18 But how?

what you do is start practicing now on a mat or buy a wrestling ring and then go to a wrestling college and then if ur good enough they will offer u to join pro wrestling

What can you do to join the WWF?

Join a wrestling school, get properly trained and work your way up the ranks.

When can you join WWE?

when you have had 5-6 years of wrestling experience

How do you do WWE finishing moves?

Join a wrestling organisation, or school

How can one join wrestling?

You have to be a really good wrestler for your highschool I suggest tryin to join MMA instead.

How old is bastia on wrestling?

as old as you

How do you sign up to be a wrestler?

Take wrestling lessons as a kid, do wrestling for your school, then join lots of wrestling leagues and associations and you willl be well known and hopefully be accepted to a good college and then someone from W W E will ask you to join.

What year did Triple H join WWE?

His wrestling debut on the April 30, 1995 episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge.

How old was batista when he started wrestling?

batista was 32 when he sarted wrestling

How do you get scouted for the WWE?

i would sugest you join a wrestling club ( mabey in america)

Can you join a mixed wrestling club if you are sixty?

It depends on the terms and conditions of the club.

How old is WWE wrestling?

57 years old

How to join tna as a wrestler?

Go to a wrestling school near you. Get trained and if your lucky and TNA wants you they'll sign you if you show your wrestling record!!!

Can a 10 year old apply for world wrestling entertainment?

Unfortunately you have to be between 16-18 to wrestle in those circumstances and its likely you have to be around 20 to join WWE

How old do you have to be to watch wrestling?


How old do you have to be to join the rcmp?

you have to be 45 years old to join the rcmp