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I have seen horses race as yearlings and to be in the Kentucky Derby they must be three. It just depends on the race! Most thoroughbreds begin racing at age 2.

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Q: How old are race horses when they start racing?
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How old was Secretariat when he ran his first race?

Secretariat was two years old when he ran his first race. Two years of age is the minimum age horses can start racing.

How old are thoroughbred horses when they start racing?

Most racehorses start racing when they're two years old.

How old do horses have to be before they can race?

trainers will start breaking and training the horses as soon as they can. I think they start racing at about 2-3 years of age. hope I helped! Tuxedo-kitten xxx Most start at age 2.

Why are horses birthdays on January 1st?

This only applies to racing Thoroughbreds, I think its because they want the horses to be as old as they can to race

How old do you have to be to race shetland ponies?

I started racing when I was 5 Start when you have yyour confidence

What type of horses do racing?

thorough bred horses that are about 2 years old do racing

How old should a horse retire?

It depends on the horse. You can tell if they start to get out of breath. If it is a race horse you can tell when they start to slow down. They should retire from racing but you can still ride them for years. Most horses will retire in their 20s. Then they should be put out to pasture.

How old do you have to be to start racing a mini stock?

to race a mini stock you would have to be at least ten years of age, that's when i started racing.

Is horse raceing wrong?

I believe horse racing is wrong. They race the horses when they're too young, and the horses' bones haven't completely formed. They are still soft, and damage easily. They often drug the horse, and race the horse even when they're injured. They often push the horse too hard, and the horses generally break down at five years old. The horses are often not cared for as well as they should be, since the owners are too concerned at winning and earning money. Horses who are done their racing career are often killed or sent to the slaughterhouse. I am not fond of whipping the horses during the race, either. Racing places a lot of stress on the horses.

How old does the horse have to be to barrel race?

The horse can barrel race as soon as it is trained to barrel race. You can start training it once it is ready to ride and take it to barrel races or I know someone who has a barrel racing 4 yr old. It just depends on when the horse is trained to barrel race. So you could have a 10 yr old not ready or a 3 yr old racing an winning!

How old to race motocross?

Kids start out racing as young as 4 or 5, its more your ability than a set age.

How old are racehorses when they start training?

It really depends on the trainer, but most are starting training when they are about 2 or 3 years old so they can get their prime years on the actual race track. But there is the yearling race in which 1 yr old horses race.

Why did Ireland start steeplechase?

Racing of horses is an age old sport. In Ireland, a race took place in 1752 from the church in Buttevant to the church in Doneraile about 7 km away. In other words from one steeple to the other. That's how the name steeplechasing came about.

When is a race horse old enough to ride?

Race horses start at about two although this is bad for them. If you are looking to start a horse you should wait until they are about 4 to start riding them. If the start too early it can cause problems later in their life

How old do horses have to be to race?

about 2

How old do you have to be to do barrel racing?

I have seen young kids do it really well, but there are really no safety requirements so I think it should be a little older than 5.

How old do you have to be to drag race?

Well if you wan a really early start you can join a drag racing league called JDRL (Junior Dragster Racing leage) like my self. You have to be at least 8 years of age and can race until the age of 16. And after 16 you can move up to big cars.

Can other breeds of horses outrun thoroughbreds?

The answer is yes. Other breeds of horses have been known to out-race thoroughbreds. The Morgan horse is one of these, who was recorded to successfully out-run two valuable thoroughbreds. The standardbred is another breed that can out-race thoroughbreds. I own a nine year old, 15.1hh stb mare and she has out-raced 16hh+ 13 year old successful racing thoroughbreds.

How old do you have to be to race horses?

To compete in a race with Thoroughbred race horses the min age is 16. see: for all the rules and regulations 2008-09

Is 10 years old for a horse?

No way, most barrel racing horses will start to be as fast as they are going to get. At 20 they are starting to go over the hill and most horses will live to be 30 at the most some more than 30 though.

Is sixteen too old to start a career in stock car racing?

No. It's not to late to start. ENJOY RACING.

What is the youngest age at which a horse can race?

Well most racing associations allow racing to begin at 2 years old. Although some people have been know to race yearlings.

How are horses useful to people?

Horses are useful by being old transportation and good for sporting events like racing and polo events

What happens to race horses when they get old?

they bury them somewhere special

When do racing camels retire?

Usually a racing Camel will start at the age of 2 or 3 years old and race until they are 8 or 9, however some great racing Camels have raced until they're 12 to 14 years old. In some countries local Governments provide subsidies to encourage owners and breeders to help enhance breeding programs, camel racing and breeding is very similar to horse racing.