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The Ancient Greek Olympics happened every four years

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Q: How often was Ancient Greek Olympics?
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Related questions

How often did the ancient Greek Olympics take place?

Every 4 years.

What is the connection Ancient Greece and the Olympics?

The Olympics is an Ancient Greek festival.

What are facts about ancient greek Olympics?

How old did you have to be to compete in the ancient Greek Olympics?

You had to be 7 years of age or older to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympics.

How often were the the ancient Greek Olympics held?

the ancient Olympics games were held once in 4 years. the time period was called as Olympiads & was only held in Olympia in Greece

Who were the ancient Olympics athletes?

The athletes of the ancient Olympics were young Greek men.

What Greek God was the Ancient Olympics held in honor of?

The ancient Olympics were held in honor of the Greek god Zeus, primarily.

How often was the Ancient Greek Olympics held?

Every four years Dylan G

What fighting events are there in the ancient Greek Olympics?

Want to know oh my name is Kyle okay wrestling in the Ancient Greek Olympics

What was the Pancratium in ancient Greek times?

a sport that was held in the ancient greek Olympics

Who came to the ancient Olympics?

The Ancient Greek citizens.

Why did ancient Greece have the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks held the Olympics in honour of the Greek God Zeus.

How were ancient gods connected with the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held to honor the Greek gods (especially to honor Zeus).

How did Greek mythology effect Olympics?

One way the Ancient Greek Olympics were affected by the Greek mythology, was that the Olympics were performed in honor of their king god, Zeus.

When was the Olympics held in the Ancient Greeks?

The ancient Greek Olympics were held once every 4 yr ... the same as the modern Olympics.

When was the ninety-third ancient greek Olympics?

The ninety third Greek Olympics were held in 776 BC

What were the ancient greek games called?

The ancient Greek Olympics

What do athletes in the ancient Olympics win?

In the ancient Greek Olympics the athletes won olive wreath crowns.

Did Ancient Greeks Joust?

yes, it was in the ancient Greek Olympics.

Did ancient rome invent the Olympics?

No. The Olympics were strictly a Greek festival.

What did the greek Olympics honor?

The ancient Olympics were held in honour of Zeus.

How often were the ancient Olympics they held?

ancient Olympics were held every 4 years

Which countries competed in the ancient olympics?

Ancient Olympics were only open to different greek regions.

What was the Romans purpose of the Olympics?

The Romans never held the Olympics; the Olympics were an Ancient Greek game.

Why do we celebrate the Olympics?

it was an ancient greek tradition