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You should replace your running shoes every year.

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Q: How often should you replace your running shoes?
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How often should you replace running shoes?

If you are running this often, you will most likely need to replace your shoes about every 3-5 months. They may last a little longer depending on what shoe it is.

How often after how much running one has to replace running shoes?

Generally it is thought that running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles, depending on how hard you are on the shoes. Most serious runners will replace their shoes every 3-6 months. I personally try to stretch that out to a year but will notice toward the end of the year that I start getting injuries in my legs and feet; that's when you know that its time for new shoes. Even if you're not running 500 miles, you should replace your running shoes every year at least, because the materials will not hold up much longer than that for active running.

How often does a runner need new shoes?

If you are on a regular schedule of running everyday I would replace a pair of shoes every six months. If you don't replace the shoes you might get a blister or a chalice.

What are Asics marathon running shoes?

Asics running shoes are very comfortable and efficient running shoes. To my knowledge there are no specific marathon running shoes, however Asics running shoes are often used by marathon runners.

Where can you buy running shoes at a discount?

Discount shoe outlets will often have various brands of running shoes. Retail stores also often have shoe sales where you can get a discount on running shoes.

Should you get jumping stilts or free running shoes?

free running shoes

How often should running shoes replaced?

I think the prevailing thought is after 300-500 miles.

Should I start off with Sketchers as running shoes?

you should start off with sketchers as running shoes. they do have comfortable running shoes and a wide variety of other sneakers as well. At you'll find user reviews on what people think about running in sketcher shoes.

How often should you change your brake shoes on a kenworth?

The make and model of truck doesn't matter. When the shoes get down to 1/4 inch, you replace them.

Where are good places to buy running shoes?

Most shoe stores, such as Foot Locker, should carry running shoes. Some websites also specialize in running shoes and related items, including Running Shoes and Running Warehouse.

Should you buy womens running shoes if you plan on participating in a 5K?

If you are a women and are participating in a 5K race, then yes you should by some running shoes. Running shoes are designed to be more comfortable and safer than regular casual shoes.

Should I practice barefoot running instead of wearing shoes?

Its not true running with shoe is better than running barefoot, because with shoes you get more grip and traction also there is running shoes so lightweight its as if you have no shoes on.

Where can I get some running shoes for marathons?

I would say you should go to a store nearby like academy that sells running shoes. I went to shoe world at the mall for my running shoes and i love them they are addidas running shoes.

Should I buy some leather running shoes?

I would recommend cloth running shoes because I personally feel that leather running shoes are very uncomfortable. Cloth running shoes are also very cheaper compared to leather running shoes for fitness purposes.

Why should I purchase plantar fasciitis running shoes?

There is no such thing as plantar fascitis running shoes. However, if you suffer from this condition, there are certain running shoes or inserts that might benefit you.

How do I size running shoes for women?

The size to get for running shoes should be one size less than your regular shoe size. Tighter fitting shoes are best for running.

Should I or should I not buy women's Mizuno wave shoes?

Mizuno wave shoes are very good running shoes for women. The Mizuno wave shoes cost around $80 and adidas shoes are cheaper than the Mizuno running shoes. I recommend buying a pair of Mizuno wave running shoes. You can buy them at Finish Line or Zappos.

Where can I get barefoot running shoes for cheap?

To find barefoot running shoes, you should go to,,, and

What shoes should my mom mom think about buying?

Nike Lunareclipse are ok shoes but if you want really awesome running shoes you should check out Addidas running shoes. They have much more comfortable padding in the soles.

What I need to know in order buy a running shoes?

In order to buy running shoes you should know your shoe size and the type of running that you want to do.

Where can I buy cute running shorts?

Nike Lunareclipse are ok shoes but if you want really awesome running shoes you should check out Addidas running shoes. They have much more comfortable padding.

How often should running shoes be replaced?

I think the prevailing thought is after 300-500 miles.

Where can I find some soccer running shoes?

Any shoe store should have soccer running shoes. If a shoe store does not have soccer running shoes, then it is probably a store that only takes in and sells donations.

Where can I buy some lightweight running shoes?

You should go to They have some great shoes on sale. Right now you can get some running shoes for as low a $19.99.

Where should I shop for women's running shoes?

You should shop at your local sports store or a foot locker for some running shoes. Have fun with your shoes after you've bought them. And be sure to look for coupons. Buy it on Amazon!