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Most people replace it when it's really scuffed

I replace it once every 2 moths

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โˆ™ 2010-06-01 14:16:59
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Q: How often should you replace the grip tape on your skateboard?
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Is the grip tape on a skateboard able to wear away?

yepp but you can just buy more grip tape and replace it once it starts to wear away.

Does a skateboard need grip tape?

grip tape is one of the most important parts to any functioning skateboard. it helps you stay on.

Can you ollie with no grip tape on your skateboard?

== ==

What are the parts of racquets?

The rim, the strings, the grip... You need to replace the strings and grip very often.

Can you put skateboard grip on a scooter?


How often should you replace a racquetball racquet?

Until it breaks, if the string breaks just restring it, if the grip is worn out get a new one!

What is skateboard grip tape?

grip tape is the gritty sand papery layer that's applied to the top of a skateboard deck

Will grip tape help in the beginning of learning to skateboard?

I am not entirely sure about which grip tape you should go with. the best thing for you to do is go to olympia sports or another facility that specializes in skateboards.

What is the first best grip tape for a skateboard?

Mob Grip tape is most commonly used and known for quality

What kind of deck on your skateboard should you have?

Mystery or Death. Get some Krooked or Tensor trucks and spitfire weels, some mob grip oh and BONES bearings. best skateboard ever

How do you remove skateboard grip tape?

its easier to wear out your grip tape first slide your grip tape along a wall and it should Peel then get a hairdryer and heat up the peeling grip tape to release the glue then with a sharp knife carefully slide the knife under the grip tape while pressing a hair dying over it

Can basketball shoes ruin your grip tape on a skateboard?

no but it can wear out your shoes

What is the difference between hard soft skateboard wheels?

How they grip the ground.

What do you call a black thing on top of a skateboard?

Grip Tape. You fail

What happens if you paint your grip tape on a skateboard?

I have used spraypaint and paint pens on my grip. There is no loss or peeling of the grip... It just paints like canvas, or concrete... or paper.

Is a shaun white skateboard good?

yes a shaun white skateboard is good. tough grip, trucks, wheels. and deck. nothing is wrong with it

How do you renew the griptape on your skateboard?

You dont, you grip it an rip it till you get a new board.

How does the skateboard stay on the skateboarder's feet when they are both off the ground?

It's the grip in the shoe like there are Many kinds like vans have like waffle grip it's all in the shoes grip

Do you need skateboard shoes to skate?

you dont realy need them, they do help with tricks and grip

Do soft skateboard wheels grip the ground better than the hard wheels?


What is better for more grip hard Skateboard wheels or soft ones?

soft ones

What is grip tape for skateboards?

It's some kind od tape so u can get a good grip of ur skateboard and NOT fall off XD

What is the best brand of skateboard grip tape?

There is a lot of good griptape out there, the top brands are usually made out of the same stuff. As mentioned Mob and Jessop are good, but you can find other grip tapes, such as these: Which are definitely of the same quality, and are better for personalisation too as they are blank.

Where can i buy grip tape for skateboards?

yes you can buy every single piece to build a skateboard

How often do you need to change your skateboarding?

the best times to change your skateboard are when the bearings are shot so the wheels don't spin that good anymore, or of course if any part of your board falls off. if you have had a skateboard for a long time and it still rides well than you should just get new grip tape and ask the skate shop to put in on for you, but if they charge then just put it on yourself. I put grip tape on my board and i have no air bubbles and its really easy. Just look on you tube for video's.