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u speaking of skates? 6 ,months

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Q: How often send your blades off to be sharpened?
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How do you sharpen saw blade at home?

It is best to send your blades to a professional to sharpen your blades. It takes precision tools, skill, and attention to details. Actually you are better off purchasing new blades when the old ones are dull. If not done correctly the sharpening can cause the blades to heat up. In professional use on clean hair, blades should last 6 months to a year and sometimes more.

What can you do to prevent damage to your tools?

Store your tools properly. Unless they are designed for working in water, keep them dry. Dry them off if they get wet. Only use them for the purpose they were intended to be used. If they have blades, like axes or saws, keep them sharpened.

Why mower cuts off when blades engage?

why does my rider cut off when i engage the blades

Why do the Wiper blades do not shut off?

There are a number of reasons why the wiper blades my fail to shut off. This mainly a problem with the wiring system or malfunction of the wiper sensors.Ê

How was sharp points made on spears?

By being sharpened by cutting bits of wood off of it using a knife

The blades of a fan keep on moving for sometime even after the fan is switched off?

This phenomenon is due to inertia, where the blades of the fan will continue to spin briefly after the fan is turned off until the force causing them to move is dissipated. The air resistance and momentum of the spinning blades contribute to this delayed stopping effect.

Why won't engine start after engine stopped with blades engaged this is a john deere riding mower.?

Turn your blades off.

What boots are not allowed in rugby eg moulded plastic studs or blades etc?

The reason why moulded boots or blades are not allowed in rugby is because they could potentially cause harm to other players and the person who is wearing the boots. Moulded boots don't have the same amount of turn as a normal rugby boot and can cause injuries such as broken ankles and muscle strains which i have experienced myself. Also steel blades could be sharpened not maliciously but could cause cut, this is why referees check studs before kick off. I hope this helps Jack

What is chewing the top off of your grass blades?

Probably rabbits.

Why does an electric fan continue to rotate for some time even after the fan is switched off?

Due to laws of inertia of motion the blades continue to move because as the current is switched off the blades still remain in motion. By aryan nath utpal.(check me out at facebook)

How do i get old wiper blades off of the wiper arm on astro van?

A person can get the old wiper blades off the wiper arms of a Chevy Astro Van by pressing the release latch and sliding them out the end. This allows the blades themselves to be changed without removing the whole arm.

Craftsman riding mower that shuts off when you put the blades up?

If you are saying that the mower shuts off when you engage the blades (or put the lever for the blades in the up position) then the most common problem is a bad seat safety switch. This is located under the seat. It has two wires going to it.