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Q: How often does the Americas cup happen?
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When was Americas Military Cup created?

Americas Military Cup was created in 2001.

What sport is associated with the America cup?

The Americas Cup is associated with sailing.

What was the name of the first non-American yacht to win the Americas Cup?

The yacht Australia II won the Americas Cup in September, 1983.

What year was the last Americas cup?


How often does the FIFA World Cup 2010 happen?

once because it will never be 2010 again

What are the only 3 countries to have challenged the US for yachting Americas Cup?

New Zealand, Australia, GB, Venezuela, Switzerland, have all challenged for the Americas Cup

What race is won for the American cup?

The Americas Cup is a race for big yachts (sailboats).

What colour sock are linked to the Americas cup?


Which Australian city hosted the Americas cup?


Why are socks linked to Americas cup?

i rock by Abrar

What coutry won the 2000 Americas cup?

New Zealand

How old is the Americas cup competed for in sailing?

33 years.