How often does olympic's hold?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Once every four years.

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Q: How often does olympic's hold?
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How often and what time did the Greeks hold the Olympics?

Every fourth summer.

When will India hell the Olympics?

The Indians will hold the Olympics in 2024

Did Luxembourg hold the Olympics?


How do they determine where to hold the Olympics?

The Olympics are determined by the National Olympic Committee every year.

Do the Olympics hold basketball?


Why do they hold the Olympics?

Well the answer is tokio.............

What games did they hold in the Olympics?


When did Spain hold the London Olympics?

Spain has never held the "London Olympics"

How often does basketball occur in Olympics?

every olympics

When will Geramny hold the next Olympics?

There are currenty no plans to hold the Olympics in Germany. next year it will be in London, then the winter Olympics in Germany then Rio de janeiro. The Olympic comittee will decide from there on.

Where do they hold Olympics?

Many different places, usually countries trade off who has the Olympics.

How often were the Olympics held after the first Olympics?

4 years