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82 games in the regular season

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Q: How often do NBA Eastern Conference teams play Western Conference teams during the regular season?
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How does the NBA regular season work?

There are 82 games in the regular season. The two conferences, Eastern and Western, determine ultimately who will play in the Finals. During the regular season, each team plays the majority of their games against their own conference with a large fraction being against teams in their own division. There are three divisions per conference. At the end of the regular season, the top 8 teams from each conference get into the playoffs, and will play the other teams in the conference to make it to the Finals against the opposite conference's top team.

Who controlled eastern Europe during the yalta conference?

Soviet Union

Where were the eastern and western fronts located during World War 1?

The eastern front was located at central and eastern Europe while the western front was located at Belgium and northeastern France.

What type of curtain divided eastern and western Europe during the cold war?

i believe it was called the "iron curtain" that divided eastern and western Europe

Volcanic activity was common in eastern or western north America during much of Cenozoic time?


Which of the meetings of the Big Three during World War 2 discussed Eastern Europe?

The Yalta Conference .

What is the acc football conference tiebreaker?

After the in-conference records are considered, the tie-breaker is the head-to-head outcome between the two teams during the regular season.

Explain how the weather changes in both the eastern and western Pacific during an El Nino year?

During an El Nino year, the weather is unseasonably warm. This can occur on both eastern side of the United States and the western side.

What is the title of the intro music for the denver nuggets during the western conference finals this year?

Higher by The Game

What are some important ways that Eastern Europe is different from Western Europe?

Western Europe has been involved in more foreign affairs than Eastern Europe. As well, during the second World War, Eastern Europe was mostly Axis, while Western Europe was mostly Allies.

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Sometime during the night.

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Constantinople is located in Europe during the Eastern And Western Roman Empires

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On the western and eastern fronts

What was the dividing line between eastern and western Germany during the war?

The Iron Curtain

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It's because the western slopes get much heavier rainfall than the eastern slopes. Moisture-laden air moves eastwards across the Western Ghats during monsoon season. The elevation of the region forces most of the moisture out of the air on the western side. By the time the air reaches the eastern side, it is dry; thus, the eastern slopes lie in the region's rain shadow.

What 3 fronts did the Germans fight on during World War 2?

western, northern, Eastern

Was the relation of people good during the cold war?

Not between the Eastern bloc and the Western countries.

When did the division of Eastern and Western Europe end?

The division of Eastern and Western Europe has not disappeared and is still present for geographical and political reasons. I assume you're referring to the Iron Curtain, which divided the democratic Western Europe from the communist Eastern Europe. This dissolved in the late 1980s/early 1990s, during the fall of communism. However, the Iron Curtain borders are still typically used to differentiate between Eastern and Western Europe.

What two teams were in the 1996 NBA finals?

The Seattle SuperSonics (64--18) of the Western Conference (NBA) took on the Chicago Bulls (72--10) of the Eastern Conference (NBA), with the Bulls holding Home team. The series was played under a Playoff format Best-of-Seven Playoff. Chicago won the series 4 games to 2, a fitting conclusion after a record breaking 72--10 standing during the regular season. Michael Jordan was named Finals MVP.

What was it like to fight on the eastern battle front in World War I?

Read "Silence on the Western Front" While it is a boo about the western front, it is very similar to the eastern, and the best book out there about war during World War 1.

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During the decline of the Roman Empire, the empire was split into a western and eastern half. The capital of the western half was Rome, until it was invaded and captured by the visa-goths from modern day Germany. The eastern half was centered around Constantinople or modern day Istanbul After the collapse of the eastern empire, the western half was renamed the Byzantine Empire. So the Byzantine Empire was the eastern half of the Roman Empire.

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The environment of Eastern Europe is in extremely poor condition compared to the environment of Western Europe. The former Soviet bloc countries had much lower standards during the Soviet occupation.

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Compared to the western front, the eastern front never fully formed. While the western front had fully developed trench warfare, the eastern front never achieved this, making it a weaker point during the war.

During the 03-04 Western Conference semi-finals who made the game-winning shot with 0.4 seconds left?

Derek Fisher

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